Our Areas of Focus

At The Thibodeaux Law Firm, LLC, we dedicate our practice to helping individuals and businesses preserve their financial interests. To accomplish this, we offer comprehensive litigation services focused in several areas:

  • Casualty and personal injury defense – We frequently represent manufacturers, business owners and insurers in disputes involving personal injuries. We have obtained favorable verdicts and settlements in claims involving motor vehicle accidents, industrial accidents and injuries caused by allegedly defective products. Our attorneys have focused heavily on insurance defense for decades.
  • Professional liability – Trained professionals, including doctors, nurses, accountants, engineers perform difficult work in high-pressure environments. Sometimes they are judged for failing to obtain a perfect outcome, even when the results of their efforts are beyond their control. Our trial lawyers frequently assist professionals facing claims of misconduct or malpractice, helping judges and juries understand the nature of our clients’ work, the rationale behind their decision-making and the professional standards to which they adhere.
  • Employment defense – State and federal employment regulations are constantly changing. We help employers and their insurers keep up with developments in the law while representing their interests in disputes with employees or former employees. We are experienced in defending hiring and firing practices and workplace discrimination claims.
  • Insurance litigation – Defending casualty and personal injury claims is just one facet of insurers’ legal needs. We assist insurance companies with a variety of issues, including claims defense, excess insurance disputes and transactions and errors and omissions by brokers and agents.

Please see our representative cases to learn more about how we serve our clients’ interests.

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If you are in need of a law firm for complex litigation defense in a related legal practice area, we encourage you to contact us to arrange a consultation. Please call our Lake Charles, Louisiana, office or call 337-433-5523.